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This is the back cover for the upcoming THE ROOK VOLUME SIX by Barry Reese from Pro Se Press!  Check out the bottom of the cover....

Monday, May 30, 2011


Pro Se Press is proud to say that Barry Reese's THE ROOK VOLUME SIX is very nearly ready to go to the printer! Stay tuned here or to http://www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com/  for more details...but in the meantime, take a look at this fantastic cover, art by Ed Mironiuk, Design by Sean Ali!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions and member of the New Pulp Movement announced today that the first ever tale of THE PULPTRESS, 21st Century Pulp Heroine and spokesperson for Pro Se and New Pulp, would be available for anyone interested for FREE for a period of one week.

"The Pulptress," Hancock said in his statement, "is a concept and a figure that has already drawn much interest since her debut two weeks ago at Pulp Ark. But she's more than that.   She is just a hint at all that New Pulp has to offer any reader, from the uninitiated person to the avid, obsessed Pulp fan.  There's a vibrance, an excitement to The Pulptress that draws directly from the vibrant exciting pace and and action that New Pulp is rifled with.  And to celebrate that connection as well as to put a little more New Pulp out there, we'd like to offer this first tale of The Pulptress for free to any takers for a limited time.  And New Pulp fans take note-There is a special guest star in this first tale that many New Pulpsters may recognize."

The tale, written by Hancock, is one of a collection that is being written and will be printed by Pro Se Productions when complete.  Other writers currently participating in this collection include Derrick Ferguson, Robin Bailey, Ron Fortier, and Barry Reese.  

In order to get your free copy, email Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net between now and Sunday, June 5th, 2011 and the story will be emailed to you directly.

"This is an opportunity," Hancock pointed out, "to introduce your friends who may know nothing of New Pulp to the Movement and get others interested in the heroic fiction some of today's best writers are producing!"

Saturday, May 28, 2011


AP:  It is indeed a pleasure to have you at ALL PULP today!  I’m fairly sure this will be a short answer, but can you tell us something about you personally?  Some background maybe?
PULPTRESS: (laughs) Sorry, but the mask is my free pass on most of that question.  Let’s see, I’m twenty something…maybe.   I have august red hair…unless I don’t.   My eyes are brown with hints of green…except when they aren’t.  I’m just your every day average girl…who can use any weapon put in her pretty porcelain hands.  I will say that I came into the world much like everyone else did, even though things changed dramatically not long after my auspicious beginnings.   But looking back on it, I don’t think I’d change a day.  Except maybe one, my ninety third one, so I’ve been told.
AP:  Your…when you were three months old.  That would be when your parents…
PULPTRESS:  Yes, when they disappeared.    They were well known in the Pulp crime fighting circle, probably the best known.  I haven’t been told much about them, only that they had made a plan in case something like….them disappearing happened.  Which it did, so I’m thankful they planned ahead.
AP:  Best known?  Many people speculate that your parents weren’t just any crimefighters, but-

THE PULPTRESS as drawn by
Rob Davis

PULPTRESS:  Ah, ah, ah. (shaking a single red nail tipped finger playfully) Not something to discuss on, off, or even to break a record.  I didn’t have them at all that I can remember, but they gave me the next best thing.  A family like none anyone has ever had.
AP:  Yes, you had a particularly interesting raising.  Can you talk about that at all?
PULPTRESS:  Enough just to tease your readers, certainly.  The plan that my parents had devised in case of their…being unable to raise me was basically the next best possible option.  I was left with one of my parents’ closest confidantes until I was able to walk and talk. At that point, my training began.  I have lived with Cherokee Indians, Inuit tribesmen, Shinto priests, and any other group of experts in anything you can think of.  I’ve been taught every style of fighting by the fiercest warriors, academics by today’s greatest minds, science and other disciplines by people that most only believe are legend and rumor.  From my first steps until my 18th birthday, I was steeped in disguise, strategy, espionage, and every learnable skill, field, and technique that the world had an expert in. 
AP:  Really?  To what purpose?
PULPTRESS:  That’s another thing wrapped in innuendo and smoke.  Some say that there’s a greater good I’m being prepared for, something my parents knew I would have to be ready to face.  Others say it wasn’t so grand, that they just wanted to groom me to follow in their footsteps.  (Chuckles)  There’s a few who think that I was brought up that way because it was the only life my parents ever knew.  Regardless, I consider myself the luckiest gal in the world for the way I came up in the world.
AP:  And now that you’ve survived until adulthood, you seem to actually have taken up where your parents left off.  Why?
PULPTRESS:  Not just my parents, but most of my foster family as well.  And the why is fairly simple.  Even though I learned many different things from all the teachers and mentors I had around the world, they each imparted one common idea to me, almost a mantra.  ‘Regardless of how the world changes, it will always need a Hero.”  I had other options, choices I could have made.  Any career I wanted was an open door.  But those words were etched in my heart and wear heavy on my mind every day.  And there’s not a truer statement.  So, yeah, that’s why.

THE PULPTRESS as drawn by
Ralf van der Hoeven

AP:  Interesting.  All right, what is it you do, then?  How do you describe your chosen vocation?
PULPTRESS:  Adventurer, Explorer, Problem Solver, a gal who likes a good fight and is good at fighting?  All of those fit and a few more.  Basically I’m the person that Henry Fonda described even better than Steinbeck himself wrote it.  Wherever someone is need, wherever someone is hurt and abused, wherever there’s absolutely no chance to survive, no way out, no justice at all, I am there.  I do all I can to meet the need, fix the hurt, save all I can, cut a door where there isn’t any, and bring justice in the prettiest package ever.  That’s what I do.
AP:  And on top of that, you recently debuted as the public face and voice for Pro Se Productions and even more than that, for the New Pulp Movement at the recent first PULP ARK Convention/Conference.  How did that happen?
PULPTRESS:  Have you met Tommy Hancock?  That man could talk the North Wind into blowing from the South if he wanted to.  (Laughs) Among many of the attributes that I picked up through the years was reading.  I often would rather read than eat and sleep and almost more than punching bad guys.  (Grins) Almost.   I’ve read thousands and thousands of volumes, tomes, and manifestos, but my favorite genre has always been Pulp.  I know, right?   But it has.  The classic heroic fiction rendered by Gibson, Burroughs, Dent, and others has a special place in my heart.  Part of that has to do with it being so reminiscent of people I have known throughout my life, heroes who lived Pulp lives all their own.
When I got to know Tommy due to our paths crossing, and that’s a tale someone should one day write, he exposed me to the writers and artists that have made New Pulp the force it is today.  And he brought up the fact that many consider me the New Pulp Heroine of the 21st Century and that New Pulp, while continuing the traditions established by the classics, is its own Movement, so there’s a relationship of sorts between the two.  And it doesn’t hurt a girl, even one in a mask, to be associated with the best stories told today for the readers of tomorrow!
AP:  So, you signed on just because you liked to read Pulp?  Or is there more, does New Pulp have an importance all its own?
PULPTRESS:  Of course it does.  Actually, it’s the same importance, the same mission that I feel like I have.  Regardless of how the world changes, it will always need stories about Heroes.  New Pulp provides that in spades and aces.   You don’t just get a rapid action high adventure tale with New Pulp stories.  You get ideals to reach, models to follow, and the reassuring fact that no matter how dark reality gets, the light eventually shines through.  You can’t get more important than that. 
AP:  What about your stories?  Any plans for a New Pulp writer to tackle the life and times of The Pulptress?  Or are you more of a to yourself kind of girl?
PULPTRESS:  Are you kidding?  The lady who, depending on what the adventure is, comes dressed as a cowgirl, a space explorer, pirate, or whatever fits being a to herself kind of girl?  Yeah, right.  Stories are not only underway, but multiple authors, like Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Ron Fortier, and Robin Bailey, are already committed to a collection spotlighting me and my rollicking adventures. The collection, when ready, will be available from Pro Se Productions. And, on the ball as he is, Tommy has already completed one story about me in the Big Apple and is hard at work on another one…one about me at home.  AP:  That brings up a good final question.  Where is home?  Who are you when you hang up the mask on the hook beside your fedora?  Who are you when you’re not The Pulptress?
PULPTRESS:  Home is…the only place where The Pulptress isn’t.  Other than there, I can’t be…don’t want to be anything other than The Pulptress.
AP:  And the New Pulp Movement and the world are thankful for that.  Thank you so much for taking time to talk to ALL PULP.
PULPTRESS:  Hey, anytime.  It’s not often bullets stop flying and villains stop trying to conquer the world long enough for me just to visit. So thank you!

(Want to follow The Pulptress daily?  Then join 'The Pulptress' Page on Facebook!!!  And follow her here at ALL PULP, as well as at pulpmachine.blogspot.com and http://www.newpulpfiction.com/!)


Press Release-


May 28th, 2011                                                              Batesville, AR

Pro Se Productions, LLC.,  a Publisher of New Pulp books, anthologies, and magazines, as well as the sponsor of PULP ARK, a Creators Conference/Fan Convention that debuted in Arkansas May 13-15, 2011, announces today plans to offer Pulp convention programming to other Conventions, Pulp and otherwise.

Dubbed NEW PULP CONVENTION PROGRAMMING, Pro Se Productions Partner and Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock states, “With the success of PULP ARK in terms of programming, education, and entertainment all in a Pulp vein, there has been much discussion on how to share this with others that can’t get to Arkansas. PULP ARK 2012 is already being planned, but we began looking at avenues to do even more than that.  Out of a discussion about possibly hosting other NEW PULP conventions came an extremely interesting idea.

“So many conventions,” Hancock continued, “that have or should have aspects related to New Pulp already exist.  Comic conventions, old time radio and new audio drama shows, genre specific gatherings like Horror, Western, etc., the list is probably endless.  Instead of adding a whole roster of NEW PULP Cons to that, Pro Se Productions now offers NEW PULP CON PROGRAMMING PACKAGES.  Essentially what this means is Pro Se Productions will provide any interested convention or show with Pulp related programming.  These packages will range from a single one hour session to a full blown multiday experience, including panels, classrooms, interactive theater drama, and other special events.  Although this is New Pulp programming, panels and classrooms will also include sessions on classic Pulp as well because without those at the beginning, there would not be a New Pulp Movement today.”

These packages, according to Hancock, will include Panel and Classroom presenters, actors for any dramas and participants from other activities drawn from some of the biggest names in New Pulp today. The packages emulate the program used for the first PULP ARK, one that received rave reviews from guests and fans in attendance.  And location is not a concern.  “If your show is in Colorado for example,” Hancock explains, “then we would draw our presenters for various panels and classrooms from the New Pulp community that exists there.  The same goes for Georgia, New York, other states, and even Canada.   Our plan is to provide conventions with the best New Pulp programming possible at the best rate possible. However, if you want a full line up of top of the line New Pulp writers and artists and are willing to cover expenses, Pro Se will at the best of our ability arrange to partner with the best possible and get them to your event.”

The Packages are as follows-(NOTE-All packages depend on Author/Artist availability.  No financial exchange will occur until the Convention Producers, Pro Se Productions, and the Staff Pro Se will dispatch are in full agreement)

NEW PULP PACKAGE ONE-Introduction-Basic
If a New Pulp Artist or Author is within 50 miles of your convention/show and you are interested in a one hour Classroom or Panel, then Pro Se will set this up.  The only cost is that the attending NEW PULP Author/artist be provided a table at the convention free of charge, if requested.
NEW PULP PACKAGE TWO-Single Day-Full Basic Programming
Three Classrooms and/or Panels utilizing a minimum of Three NEW PULP Artists/Writers. (If more than three are wanted/necessary, then cost may be higher)
Cost-$200.00 plus free tables for each Artist/Author Attending as well as any travel expenses incurred by Authors/Artists more than 50 miles away from Convention site.

NEW PULP PACKAGE THREE-Single Day-Deluxe Programming
Three Classrooms and/or Panels utilizing a minimum of Three NEW PULP Artists/Writers. (If more than three are wanted/necessary, then cost may be higher)
A fully produced Pulp Drama done onsite or another similar event (total time 1.5-2.5 hours
Cost-$300.00 plus free tables for each Artist/Author Attending as well as any travel expenses incurred by Authors/Artists more than 50 miles away from Convention site.

NEW PULP PACKAGE FOUR-MultiDay Deluxe Programming
Three Classrooms and/or Panels  each FULL DAY utilizing a minimum of Three NEW PULP Artists/Writers. (If more than three are wanted/necessary, then cost may be higher) (One-two panels/classrooms on partial days)
A fully produced Pulp Drama done onsite (total time 1.5-2.5 hours) that can either be performed in one setting or throughout the convention’s run.
An event to be determined in negotiation (Old Time Radio recreations, further drama, Pulped! Game Show, and other possibilities exist)
Cost will include free tables for each Artist/Author Attending as well as any travel expenses incurred by Authors/Artists more than 50 miles away from Convention site and Hotel expenses incurred by those who are not local to the area.   Cost beyond this must be negotiated due to multiple factors, including number of days expected, etc.

Hancock also reports, “Although we have a beginning list of writers and artists from one coast to the other and beyond that will participate in this Programming, schedules allowing, any New Pulp Writer/Artist interested in participating can contact me and if they fit what we’re looking for, we’ll add them to our list of available personalities to participate.”

Hancock states, “What we want to do with NEW PULP Programming is allow any Convention or Show interested in having a Pulp line of programming included in their regular schedule of events, programming that they do not have to plan, design, recruit, or set up for.  We will come in and all we’ll require is to be pointed in the direction where we’ll speak, teach, and perform from.  This will be beneficial to not only New Pulp, but also to the Convention itself as well as bringing new fans to each and introducing existing fanbases to another entertaining aspect of Pop Culture-New Pulp!”

For More information, contact Hancock at 870-834-4022 or at proseproductions@earthlink.net.

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Comic Related Opens NEW PULP forum

The fine folks over at www.comicrelated.com have graciously opened a New Pulp forum where anyone involved or interested in New Pulp can swing by and join in the conversations about their favorite New Pulp characters, stories, creators, publishers or anything else New Pulp related.

Click here to read all about it.

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All Pulp interviews Mike Bullock regarding Death Angel novel

New Pulp author and comic writer Mike Bullock answers questions regarding the origin of Death Angel, and a variety of other New Pulp related issues.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Just wanted to take a second and recognize the creative genius behind the NEW PULP logo we're all so excited about.  What, you haven't seen it yet?  Why, then, here it is....
This cool bit of stuff was designed and created by Sean Ali, Pro Se's resident genius designer and one of my closest compadres to boot!   Thanks, Sean, for giving the NEW PULP MOVEMENT such as awesome banner to stand behind!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moonstone launches new Pulp Fiction Magazine in September

From the Moonstone Solicits for September 2011:

Moonstone Pulp Fiction Magazine #1
Story: CJ Henderson, Mike Bullock and more...
Art: misc
Cover: Doug Klauba
96pgs, grayscale, 8” x 11.5”, $7.99

A “Return of the Originals” MEGA event!
New comic and prose stories, of classic pulp characters like The Spider, The Black Bat, The Phantom Detective, Secret Agent X, G8, and so many more!
*Plus a special new crime fiction prose story of the Green Hornet only available here!

Pulp Ark report Part IV - Pulp Ark Awards

Here's installment #4 of the Pulp Ark coverage from Tommy Hancock over at All Pulp.

Click here for the awards presentation.

Pulp Ark report Part III - Panels & Classrooms

All Pulp is continuing it's coverage of Pulp Ark with a report on the panels & classrooms:

Click here to read all about it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pulp Ark report Part II

Tommy Hancock posted the second in a series of Pulp Ark reports over at All Pulp.

Learn about new books from the biggest names in New Pulp.

Click here to read all about it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pulp Ark report Part I

Tommy Hancock of Pro Se is uploading reports from the first ever Pulp Ark.

Click here for the first installment at All Pulp and check back throughout the day for the rest of the story...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Airship 27 Announcement #2 from Pulp Ark

Dateline – Pulp Ark, Batesville, Arkansas

World famous graphic artist, Michael Kaluta has signed on to provide both cover art and interior illustrations for Airship 27 Productions forthcoming title, CHALLENGER STORM, Isle of Blood; the first in a new pulp series by writer Don Gates.

Kaluta’s comics work began in the 1970s working on such titles as “House of Secrets” and “Web of Horror.” It was during this time he created fortune teller Madam Xanadu for editor Joe Orlando. His work on DC’s Shadow comics is considered the best graphic portrayal of that classic pulp hero ever produced. He also illustrated Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Carson of Venus for that same company. From 1975 to 1979, he was a member of “The Studio” along with Barry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson and Jeff Jones. He’s an award winning painter and illustrator who had contributed to role playing games and illustrated numerous music album covers. In 2003 he was named a Spectrum Grand Master in recognition of his vast and influential body of work.

“We, at Airship 27 Productions are extremely thrilled and honored to be working with a true living legend of American art,” said Ron Fortier, Managing Editor. Airship 27 Productions is one of the leading producers of new pulp fiction novels and anthologies, their titles being published by Cornerstone Book Publishers of New Orleans.

Challenger Storm is a rollicking, old fashion pulp adventure in the grand tradition of Doc Savage and Captain Hazzard and is Gates’ first book in a planned series. “We hope to have the book out by the end of the year,” Fortier went on to add. “Mr. Kaluta is always much in demand and we are not about to rush such beautiful artwork.” Kaluta’s latest foray into pulp prose will soon be seen on the cover of Moonstone’s Green Hornet Casefiles due out in few weeks.

Airship 27 Announcement #1 from Pulp Ark


Dateline – Pulp Ark, Batesville, Arkansas

Airship 27 Productions is pleased to announce that well known Phantom comic writer, Mike Bullock, has agreed to write a new sword & sorcery novel for the company titled THE RUNEMASTER.

Bullock is an award winning fiction writer, poet and former professional musician. Born in Washington DC, Bullock grew up reading comic books, comic strips and pulp fiction. He’s translated this love of fast-paced imaginative story-telling into a successful career as a comic book and prose author. Having worked on enduring characters from Black Bat and Captain Future to Sonic the Hedgehog and Zorro, Bullock cemented his place in the annals of speculative fiction by authoring more Phantom stories than any other American author aside from Lee Falk. His original works include Lions, Tigers and Bears, The Gimoles, Death Angel and more. Bullock’s Lions, Tigers and Bears was optioned by Paramount Pictures in 2010 as a feature film.
The Runemaster marks Bullock’s first foray into novel writing and tells the story of  Skarl Kirwall, a man born during the Last Great War and destined to lead his clan as the next Runemaster. When he is betrayed by a friend, Skarl is banished from his village and later learns of its destruction at the hands of their bitter enemies, the Ysling clan.

While mourning the loss of his family and clan, Skarl discovers the woman he loves has been dragged off to be sacrificed to Ysfang, the World Serpent. Armed with only his mighty sword and cunning, Skarl sets off across the frozen wastes to rescue her and somehow regain his rightful role as the Runemaster. 

Forged in the fires of Conan, Beowulf and Braveheart, steeped in Norse legendry and baptized in the blood of those who would oppose him comes  
the Runemaster.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Coordinator and Partner in Pro Se Productions, the company behind the first annual Convention/Creators' Conference being held in Batesville, AR, May 13-15th, announced a rather unique event being held the evening of the 13th at the Cinnamon Stick, the historic building serving as the inaugural site for the first Pulp Ark.

"Friday night," Hancock stated, "we will be hosting an event we're calling 'Radio Lives Again.' The concept is simple in theory and we'll see how easy or hilarious or both it is in actual practice.  Basically we are taking scenes from various New Pulp stories written by authors in attendance at Pulp Ark and will be dramatizing them live on stage for an audience at 6 PM Friday.  We will do this in the style of old time radio, where actors come up to the microphones with scripts, act out the scene complete with sound effects and even possibly music.  No rehearsal, no second takes, true live radio like entertainment. And our actors, we'll pick them from the audience in attendance."

When asked what authors were being spotlighed, Hancock reported, "We have a list of all those we want to make sure get a few minutes of this wonderful experience.  Truthfully, though, this idea is a fairly recent one, so getting even a few pages adapted could be a chore.  The current plan is to have scenes from one of my works as well as from stories by Ron Fortier, Van Allen Plexico, Wayne Reinagel, Bobby Nash, and Barry Reese.  If luck is with us, we will have three-five minutes from each of these fine New Pulp authors to add to this show, a show that will be, again if luck is with us, recorded and made available for free in coming days on the New Pulp website as well as other locations."

Radio Lives Again will begin at 6PM Friday, May 13th, 2011 at The Cinnamon Stick at 151 W. Main in Batesville, AR.  Stay tuned to ALL PULP for up to the minute updates from this event and others at PULP ARK!

Pulp Ark print

Runemaster Pulp has created a new Pulp Ark 2011 special edition print.

Pulp Ark starts in just under 48 hours. Be there!

Andrew Salmon Talks New Pulp on All Pulp... and Darkland Too!

Noted New Pulp author Andrew Salmon discusses his latest book, The Dark Land from Airship 27 and the New Pulp movement over at All Pulp.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Simon and Schuster coming to Pulp Ark

Read all about it here:

Extra! Extra! All-Pulp Headlines

PULP ARK, the first annual Pulp Convention/Creators Conference is being held May 13-15 in Batesville, Ark.


Pro Se Productions, the company sponsoring PULP ARK, the first annual Pulp Convention/Creators Conference being held May 13-15 in Batesville, Ark., announced today that major publisher Simon and Schuster is one of the many publishers taking part in the activities.

According to Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Coordinator, Simon and Schuster is participating in Pulp Ark in order to promote the upcoming release of a major novel by Paul Malmont.  Malmont, best known for his best selling works 'The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril' and 'Jack London in Paradise' has completed 'The Astounding, The Amazing, and The Unknown.'   This novel, a sequel to 'Death Cloud Peril' follows pulp writer L. Ron Hubbard on adventures into the 1950s that will rival the fantastic pulp tales the future cultural icon wrote.  The first book in this two-book series was a fictional romp involving Hubbard, H.P. Lovecraft, and pulp authors Lester Dent and Walter Gibson and others that carried them across the map and through two fisted, pulse pounding adventures.

"Malmont," Hancock stated, "takes real life historical personages and weaves them into these realistic, yet wildly entertaining, fast paced tales.  Pulp Ark is pleased to be able to say that various items, like postcards and such, will be handed out Saturday, May 14, to commemorate the July release of the new novel.  Also, a galley copy of the new novel will be on display and given away at 4:30 Saturday afternoon.  To register for the giveaway, all you have to do is come to Pulp Ark at 151 West Main, Batesville, Ark starting at noon Friday, May 13 and put your name in the box!  The winner will be drawn on Saturday!"

For further information on the giveaway and Pulp Ark, Hancock can be reached at 870-834-4022 or proseproductions@earthlink.net.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pulp Ark schedule

Over at All Pulp, the official schedule for Pulp Ark 2011 has been announced:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten Days Until Pulp Ark

PULP ARK, scheduled for May 13-15, 2011 will be a convention dedicated to the Pulp Genre as well as a conference made up of panels, workshops, and activities to appeal to the Pulp writer, the Pulp fan, or that most odd of creatures, The Pulp Writer/Fan!

PULP ARK will be held in the historical town of Batesville, AR. Nestled in the scenic Ozark foothills, Batesville provides most definitely a small town charm, but has facilities of all sorts, including hotels, major and local restaurants, and several venues for hosting panels, conferences, and vendors. Batesville also affords a relaxed setting, different from most large cities where conventions are held, but also conducive to creativity, relaxation, and a furthering of Pulp fandom! Batesville also has a rich history and plays a role in the history of Arkansas, a history writers have mined in several ways over the years since the 1800s. PULP ARK will be a three day event. Vendors are most definitely welcome of all sorts, so bring your books, back issues, and pulp related materials and set up and sell your wares. Various noted writers within the Pulp field will be attending and have already made tentative commitments, these being firmed up day by day. A full list of guests will be announced midsummer 2010.