Friday, September 16, 2011


New Pulp comes to Image with The Intrepids!

A lot of attention on the comic side of the New Pulp field has gone to DC’s universally reviled First Wave line, Marvel’s great Mystery Men and Moonstone’s new Originals line. In the process, a few great New Pulp series will be missed by the pulp fans of the world.

One such title is Image Comics’ The Intrepids.

Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe and artist Scott Kowalchuk have teamed to create a new pulp world filled with mad scientists, crazed inventions and four young heroes. Crystal, Doyle, Rose and Chester have been gathered by the mysterious Dante to take on the world’s greatest plague: mad scientists and their evil creations.

The tagline says it best: “Mad Scientists are a disease. Meet the cure.”

Much like Doc Savage’s famous companions, each Intrepid has their own specialty. Crystal is the leader and the best shot. Doyle is the strong man. Rose doesn’t go anywhere without her jetpack. Chester is the slightly neurotic tech that guides them along.

While the team’s adventures start off very straight forward, they quickly find themselves falling into a deeper conspiracy. Our young heroes show their naiveté as they learn the true secrets behind the mad scientists they hunt and capture. It all plays out perfectly over six beautifully drawn issues.

Kowalchuk’s art mixes pulp styles with Jack Kirby’s Marvel work to create a unique vision of a steam punk revision of the modern day. The Intrepids’ weapons may be 21st century, but their looks seem to be pulled from the past. It gives the series a look not unlike Batman: The Animated Series; an art deco world that could be pulled straight from a serial.

The Intrepids just completed its initial six-issue run at Image, but more may soon be on their way in 2012. Be sure not to miss out on it a second time. Recommended.

Review by Nick Ahlhelm

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