Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PULPED! is Back!

After a hiatus the likes which will never be seen again, the Boys of Pulped! Are Back!  This week Tommy Hancock hosts fascinating guest and author Lee Killough, author of Checking On Culture: An Aid to Building Story Background!  Published by Yard Dog Press, this book is  A MUST HAVE for anyone writing today!  Tips on how to build societies, what things to look for in all areas, including agriculture, technology, personal interactions, and more!  Doesn't matter if you're setting your tale in 1930s New York or in a far off future on a distant planet where amoebas are the dominant life form! Culture is everywhere and Lee's book is a GREAT guide on how to build it properly!

Also, Barry Reese begins his REVIEWS FROM THE 87TH FLOOR, taking a look at Classic and New Pulp works and giving you his thoughts and commentary on them, like it or not!   

PULPED! is back and be sure to follow the show in the coming weeks because it's exactly the same, but man, ONLY WAY DIFFERENT!

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  1. Just curious, it stopped half way into the program. Was that on my end, or did something happen to the recording?


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