Thursday, May 31, 2012

Xander: Guardian of Worlds Debuts!

The newest, and yet oldest, New Pulp hero Xander: Guardian of Worlds made his debut this month in the pages of Pro Se/Reese Unlimited's critically acclaimed Tales of the Rook anthology.

In The Onyx Raven, a short tale penned by creator/author Mike Bullock, Xander must seek out The Rook to help thwart a nefarious plot by the arch demon Cirith Ungol to turn our world into a living hell.

Following on the heels of his debut in Tales... Pro Se Press is gearing up to deliver an anthology of Xander tales written by Bullock later this year.

Watch for more tales of Xander: Guardian of Worlds, as well as Death Angel, Dr. Dusk, The Runemaster and more coming soon from Runemaster Pulp

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