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Table Talk: In the Wake of the Rook...

Table Talk: In The Wake of the Rook...

Welcome back to Table Talk, a (wanna-be) weekly column where New Pulp authors Barry Reese, Bobby Nash and Mike Bullock babble on about whatever ricochets through their speakeasy. This week, the guys are still inhaling the euphoric fumes of rarified air that is the success of Tales of the Rook, the most recent release from Pro Se Press and Reese Unlimited. For those who have been on the lamb from all things New Pulp, Tales of the Rook has planted its flag squarely on the NewPulp best seller list since it debuted last month. If you haven’t read it yet, grab a copy and enjoy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled gibber-gabber, already in progress:

Question:  Now that Tales of the Rook is out, and abona fide New Pulp hit, it begs the question: What other New Pulp character's anthology would you love an invite to work on and why?

Barry: There are a few that immediately come to mind: Derrick Ferguson's Dillon, Tommy Hancock's YesterYear characters and Perry Constantine's Elisa Hill are all characters I'd like to have a crack at. I've only read Lance Star: Sky Ranger in comic form but I think he'd be fun, too. I wrote Sun Koh in The Rook Volume Six but I wouldn't mind having a crack at the "official" version written by Art Sippo.

Bobby: Good question. I have written a number of stories for anthologies, including pulp and New Pulp characters like my own Lance Star: Sky Ranger. I agree with Barry’s choice of Derrick Ferguson's Dillon as a character I would love to take a crack at one of these days. I also wouldn’t mind another shot at writing characters from Van Allen Plexico’s Sentinels novels again. There’s good stuff there. Plus, I know there are some anthologies featuring newer characters coming from a couple of publishers, some for which I wrote stories.

Mike: I’m ashamed to say I haven’t had nearly enough time to read all the awesome New Pulp stuff that’s out there, so I have a limited view of what I can choose from to answer this question.

That being said, I, like Bobby, would love to have a shot at Van’s Sentinels. I’ve also always been excited by Tom Floyd’s Captain Spectre and the Lightning Legion and Marvel’s Mystery Men. Others that intrigue me that I’m not as familiar with as I’d like to be are Lance Star, Sgt. Janus and Yesteryear.

Going through this makes me think someone needs to create an online encyclopedia site for all the New Pulp characters… (anyone reading this feel free to take this idea and run with it!)

Question:  Which character(s) of your own would you like to see given the "Tales..." anthology treatment?

Barry: That's a tough one, given that it was my Rook character who got the Tales treatment! I guess if I were going to haul out anybody else from the Reese Unlimited stable, it'd be Lazarus Gray -- but Leonid Kaslov has always been a popular supporting character in The Rook universe and folks have always asked me to do some solo stuff with him. Might be fun to see what others would do with the "Russian Doc Savage."

Bobby: Yeah. This one is tough. My Lance Star: Sky Ranger character is working on volume 4 of that anthology series. Other than that, most of the characters I’ve created aren’t really “pulp” characters. I have often thought it might be fun to create a city as the basis for the anthology and let all of the stories take place there. I got as far as coming up with a name before other projects forced it onto the backburner. Maybe one day. Boy, I sure say that a lot. [smile]

Mike: That’s easy for me: all of them. There just aren’t enough hours in my days to tell all the stories I want to tell with Death Angel, Xander, Dr. Dusk, Runemaster and the Union. So, to see other great authors fire a round with any or all of them would not only go a long way to hitting the target of fleshing out those character’s worlds, but would be a great treat for me personally to pour over. I’d love to read a Tommy Hancock penned Dr. Dusk tale, or check out Barry’s take on Death Angel. How cool would it be to read Bobby Nash’s take on Xander, as well as Ron Fortier’s? I think Alan Porter would do wonderful things with Xander as well. And, of course, seeing Van Allen Plexico run the Union through an adventure or two would certainly be awesome. Having overseen so many anthologies and similar projects with the Phantom at Moonstone, I’d really enjoy overseeing something like that with characters I own, not just ones I feel I’ve come to know as well as my own.

Sigh… maybe one day… [wink]

Question (for the readers): What New Pulp Characters do YOU think deserve the anthology treatment and who would you pick to write those stories?

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