Friday, June 29, 2012


Review by Nick Ahlhelm

Atomic Robo works with a very specific concept—what if Doc Savage was a robot.  And from that has come a modern comics masterpiece.

Writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener have created dozens of stories for the characters, but this time we will look at the very first one. Future volumes will be covered in future installments.

The first six issues that make up Atomic Robo Volume 1 revolve around a disturbance in Egypt. A pyramid has came alive with machinery, and Robo and his team have to stop it.

But while the over-arching story revolves around Egypt and the pyramid, each issue has its own focus. One issue gives a past tale of Robo versus Helsingard, a villain that would come to plague Robo more than once over time. The reader first meets the “Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne” from the subtitle in issue two where Robo and his allies battle giant ants (while commenting that such things shouldn’t even be scientifically possible). Yet another issue flashes back to the seventies and Robo’s trip to Mars.

Through it all, Robo is always the stalwart hero. He’s a guy that wants to do good—a guy that happened to be built by Nikola Tesla.

But what makes Robo standout far beyond so many other modern pulp characters in comics is the fact that he’s fun. Lots and lots of fun. While the stories are rarely played just for laughs, Clevinger and Wegener never let the book be dragged down by too much melodrama or angst. In comics, it proves a refreshing change from mainstream titles that seem bent on growing darker month by month.

Atomic Robo Volume 1 is now available wherever comics are available for purchase or order. The book is available on multiple digital platforms as well. Pulp fans will almost certainly love what they see.

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  1. Remains one of my favorite comics. More people should be reading this.


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